DIY Metal Leaf Coffee Table

Transform an ordinary cofee table into something eye-catching using metal leaf. 

A glass coffee table is timeless and is particularly useful in making smaller living rooms look bigger.

I snagged this pretty generic one off Amazon for way cheap. I do like the extra shelf at the bottom.

Prior to assembling, I spray painted the metal legs gold (just in case I missed any spots in applying the metal leaf). I recommend Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Color Spray (in Gold).

After it has dried completely, you may assemble and begin applying the metal leaf.

You shouldn't need more than just a few sheets of metal leaf. Most can be purchased with 25 sheets per pack, which is plenty.

I originally intended to just do gold, but I had some copper and silver left over from some other projects so I applied all three.



You also need metal leaf adhesive. I sometimes like the spray, but it can get everywhere. You may be able to avoid this problem by placing a drop cloth under the table as you work.

Using a paintbrush (or foam brush, sponge, etc.), apply the adhesive to the legs. I suggest waiting a couple minutes for the adhesive to get tacky before applying the metal leaf.  

To apply the gold leaf, take one sheet at a time, wrap it around all sides of the leg, pressing down. 

Be prepared for it to tear, which is fine; tears will give a more antiqued and, quite frankly, beautiful look. You can use the smaller pieces that tore away to fill in any gaps.

Repeat this process until the surface area of the legs are covered (to your liking). 

Once dry, I used a soft brush to wipe away any excess metal leaf.

Last step is your sealer. Like the adhesive, this is available in spray form as well.


And there you have it! A totally awesome and custom coffee table!

From this to this!