From The Ground Up! Err-Floors

I was not a fan of the floors—at least not in the state they were in (below). However, I was not prepared to tackle installing new flooring in this house solo. Additionally, I was under a major time crunch, as I had movers scheduled to come the next morning after I got the keys, so stripping and refinishing two bedrooms, a foyer, living and dining room in one night didn't seem feasible for obvious reasons. 

I decided the easiest solution would be to paint right over the floors as is (well, after a good scrub down or seven).

I picked out some "Sedona" color and initially was pretty horrified at how red it was when it first went on. But like I said, time pressured. Too late to turn back.

I tried to tell myself, "FKJ, maybe it'll look better when the whole room's painted. Can't judge it when just one corner is done."


NOPE. It was still alarmingly red to me. Sigh. Onwards and upwards. As you can see below, I painted myself out of the house that night.

2015-02-25 00.33.51.jpg

I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THE FLOORS POST-DRYING (see below--bonus dingo!). They have that deep, earthy, rich look I wanted. I love the warmth they bring to the house as a whole.

You have the option of putting a sealant on the floors after the paint has dried. I chose to skip this step because I wanted them to become "distressed." I love the effect my pups have had on them.

Happy DIY-ing!