Porch in Progress

Now that I have a porch—and a swing—I don't know how I ever lived without either. I find myself spending a lot of time out here, so I decided to spend some of that time making it just a tad more lovely. Here's what I've done so far:

After sweeping and hosing down the concrete, I let it dry before applying paint. I used Behr's concrete paint. I plan to add to it by "painting tiles" to break up the solid color block a bit. 

The swing and rocking chair were left here, so I hit them with some wood stain and added seat cushions to each. Good seating is important! I also dragged out an old coffee table, which I'm so glad I hung onto all these years—despite having another coffee table. I just love the curved legs and mosaic top! The other table (the one nearest the door) was inherited by some former tenants. The fabric came off an old headboard I was taking down to the studs. I almost threw it away but then thought it perfect for outdoor use.

I added LED lighting along the base of the porch (still need to affix them properly) and have "curtain lights" on the way.

I was able to score some outdoor curtains for only $10 per pack of two. I saved the old curtain rods that were on the interior window when I moved in and recycled them for outdoor use in hanging these panels.

The lavender wreath by my door is one of my favorite additions. It's so wonderfully fragrant, and I smell it every time I'm coming or leaving home.

Lastly, I added some plants. Trying to resuscitate the poor little guy in the bottom lefthand corner—just pretend like you don't see him.


My little porch is on its way to being a most lovely retreat. Happy DIY-ing to you all!