Who Says You Can't Teach An Old Desk New Tricks

I wanted a fairly simple (yet still shiny) vanity, but I couldn't believe how astronomical the price of a new one was. After settling on the fact that I would not spend that kind of money on one, I realized this old desk was the perfect candidate for a three-step (OK, three and a half) makeover. All for about $15.

After ditching the hutch, I got to painting the inside of the drawer. I went with Rustoleum's Black Night Protective Enamel Metallic Spray Paint.

For that shiny silver, exterior, you have the option of doing silver leaf, but I took a shortcut, using Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Silver Spray Paint:

After several coats of that stuff, I swapped out the plain metal knobs for glass, my M.O.

The last step for me was to add a piece of plexiglass to the surface, which will protect the paint and the wood if you use hot hair tools.