Nailed It

My love for nailhead trim on upholstered furniture rivals that of my love of the color gold. Here is a quick and easy guide on how to add nailhead trim to your own furniture for just that oh-so-elegant bit of detail!

I highly recommend using the nailhead trim strips. Hammering them in one-by-one is miserable, so this is a much superior alternative, I've found:

You can pick up 5 yards of nailhead trim for around $15, depending on the color:

I personally hated this gold when it arrived, so I decided to alter it. I found a genius way of spray painting the nails--by holding them in place using an air filter:

After it has dried, place furniture on on its back to begin applying the nailhead trim:

It's incredibly easy—all you have to do is hammer in a nail every 5 spots.

For this chair, I chose just to do the arms.

And there you have it! This chair only took 2 yards, or about $6 worth of trim! I have enough left over to do another.

IMG_0942 2.jpg

Small effort, big difference.