Nice Stems

Upgrade the look of your furniture by adding legs, which can go a long way in making inexpensive pieces look like they cost way more than they did.

Unfortunately I don't have a good before photo, so we'll have to go with the stock image from my mother's order confirmation email. Did I mention this piece was a housewarming gift?

And to go with each leg, you'll need the proper accessories. Added six Heavy Duty Top Plates (model #2755) to my cart.

After the paint has dried, you are ready to begin the fun [read: use your drill].

Start by rolling the piece of furniture onto whichever side will allow you to work most easily. While holding your top plate, mark the spots where you are to drill. (The top plates usually come with screws.)

After making your holes, simply affix the plate using the screws. Then attach the legs to the top plate, which screw in.

After you have installed all four, six, or seventeen furniture legs, flip your furniture right side up, and ta-da. Fancy schmancy. And that wasn't so tough.

Enjoy getting leggy and happy drilljoying!