Some News! And Some More News!

Long time, no post. Sorry, fam! Fell into the black hole that is Bar exam prep.

But I'm back

and with plenty exciting news to share!

My first bit of news has me over the moon: Oxford Invitation magazine will be featuring a piece on my blog and my renovation over the past year! I completed the interview portion, and they will be photographing my house next week. (Squee!)

As for the second development, I am excited (and admittedly a bit nervous) to be moving soon! Very soon. Like really, really soon. As some of you may know, I have been battling some health problems since early December. Ultimately it became evident the source is likely the black mold in my house. I informed my landlord several months ago, and while she has continually repeated that it would be taken care of, nothing has. Therefore, I have to move out of the house for the sake of my health and the health of my dogs. My parents have offered to let us stay with them in Bay St. Louis. (Thanks, Mom & Dad!)

Now, for the interactive portion of the hour! In preparation for the move, I am liquidating my belongings as much as possible because I am lazy and don't want to move it all. I plan to have a big yard sale next weekend (March 25-27). I will update with specifics later. Additionally, I will be posting some bigger items, such as furniture here for you to scrutinize, decide to purchase, and come make my move a little easier. 

Moving and shaking. Things will be crazy for the next few weeks, but I am confident that only good things lie ahead. 

Onto the next chapter!

Be well, my friends.