If you can't take the heat

Let's take it from the top:

The first thing I did was take the cabinet doors off. I felt like this space was too cramped and too small to add an unnecessary blocky, bulky doors.

After doing so, I lined the back with a copper contact paper (also after deciding I just can't love the chevron stripes--still in the process of getting the right cabinets recovered, as the copper contact paper is on backorder). Additionally, the walls and fronts of the cabinets got a fresh coat of paint.

The old stove got bumped for a new one.

However, if you aren't in the market for any new appliances, you can make them stainless steel (-looking) yourself for just a few bucks with Rust-Oleum's Appliance Enamel spray paint in Stainless! (I went with this option for the fridge.)

I added a cabinet next to the refrigerator, which provides extra storage for cookbooks, supplies, etc. 

In small kitchens, you have absolutely got to max out your walls--utensil racksmagnetic strips, and pot lid racks are all personal favorites. 

If you're still fighting for counter space, using a dish drain that fits into one side of your sink will free up valuable real estate.

I gave some of the old knobs new life with some metallic paint. I replaced the two main ones located underneath the sink though.

With the open cabinetry, I transitioned to glass jars as much as possible. I even created a little spice rack/shelf with some scrap wood for my spice jars.

Also under the kitchen sink, I pretty much doubled my storage with the help of a simple tension rod:

I would also like to refinish the countertops and possibly sink. I plan to put some kind of backsplash up as well. It's not much surface area but would do wonders to give it a more polished look.