Living Room

The living room was really the first area that kind of came together for me. And while I tried to keep it neutral enough for the landlord/other renters, I see Me so much in this room--more than any other in the house.



Reminder, here's where we started:

Like the majority of the other rooms, I started with a good cleaning before painting the floors. For the living areas, Sedona Stone.

Originally, I had a grey sofa, to which the neutral tan wall color complimented nicely. 

But when I came across this larger, plush (and much more comfortable) sofa for only $200, I sold my one on Craigslist. I did better than break even--I actually made a profit!

After losing the cool, blue tones of the grey sofa, I decided to bring in more color with a loud floor rug:

I dramatically increased the appearance of the size of the windows by adding 96" panels and placing the curtain rods wider and higher.

I'm in the process of adding nailhead trim to liven up the upholstery on this beige furniture. If you'd like to do the same (see how to here), I can't stress enough how great the nailhead trim available in strips are. They're so great. The alternative, nailing them in one by one, is completely obnoxious.

Though most of the artwork is mine, the “me” is really in the details. My decor and accessories are almost exclusively secondhand items (if I didn’t make them myself). I like browsing my shelves seeing an accessory that reminds me of a trip I went on! Or remembering that piece I picked up at an estate sale and their loved ones gave me a bit of history on it. The details are what make it home.

 While I did not switch out the light fixture in this room, I did give it a touch of style with crystal ceiling fan pull chain leaf pendants.

I moved this bookcase around a bit before finally settling on this wall. You may recognize my wifi router's house from a previous post!

Accessorizing a room shouldn't cost you a fortune. The paper weights are kids' toy animals glued atop some rubble from redoing the stairs in the backyard.

Coffee table accessories are something I just can't help but love. I styled my coffee table with a cotton runner that has some faint metallic accents, a serving tray, a retro matchbox, some local magazines, and an antique magnifying glass. But that is subject to change daily.