Feminist Killjoy brings you Feminist Drilljoy

This entire undertaking was a side effect of moving in the middle of my last semester of law school. Oxford being a small, college town, there were very few places available, so I put my name down for the rental property with no intentions of doing any kind of renovation or improvements—I hadn’t even seen the place. (I still think I got really lucky.)

I fell in love with the property. It had great bones. The place is somewhere around a hundred years old. I threw myself into its potential. DIY because shockingly enough, as a law student, I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to throw around by hiring someone. As I tackled projects, I began sharing them on Twitter. Eventually a few folks said to me, “I missed what you were working on today! Where can I go to find all your DIY projects?”


Check out where I started by browsing The Before gallery, view my progress in The After[-ish] gallery, and find my latest step-by-step chronicling of my home improvement projects under Newest. The Index tab will help you find the exact project you're looking for in no time.

I’m still very new to the technological aspect of having a DIY site. It takes significantly longer (and is much more painful) for me to document, upload, and present my projects than completing the projects themselves—but I’m getting there! My hope is that everyone can enjoy getting a peek into how resourceful one woman (on a budget) can be.

—Taylor F. Corso,